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Emergency Pediatric Dentist in Turlock, California

Emergency Pediatric Dentist

In this guide, you’ll discover the top 10 emergency pediatric dentists in Turlock. Navigating through all the available health professionals can be daunting when faced with an unexpected health emergency; emergency pediatric dentists specialize in caring for children’s dental needs with precision and are equipped to address urgent cases quickly and professionally. Whether you are new to Turlock or simply searching for quality care for your children – this list offers valuable insight.

1. Smile Bright Pediatric Dentistry

Smile Bright Pediatric Dentistry is well known for providing top-tier emergency pediatric dentist services. Their clinic ensures that each child’s dental emergency, from chipped or severe toothaches to orthodontic issues, are promptly addressed.


Costs may differ depending on the nature of the treatment provided.

2. Tiny Teeth Dental Clinic

Tiny Teeth Dental Clinic takes great pride in being the go-to emergency pediatric dentist repair near me, boasting state-of-the-art facilities and an expert team to offer emergency dental services for children.


Consults begin from $50.

3. Turlock Kids Dental Care

An emergency pediatric dentist located in Turlock, strives to offer exceptional child-centric care during any emergency situation. Their friendly team ensures a relaxing and positive experience for patients at every turn.


Emergency consultations start at $70.

4. Little Chompers Dental Spa

Little Chompers Dental Spa offers the ideal blend of relaxation and emergency dental care, providing children with a place where they feel at ease when visiting an emergency pediatric dentist.


Emergency Treatment Options Available: $60 to $200.

5. Pediatric Dental Haven

Pediatric Dental Haven stands out for parents searching for emergency pediatric dentist repair near them, with its rapid response team equipped to address any dental emergencies in children.

Emergency Treatment Prices

The cost for basic emergency treatments begins at $55 with phone support being available 24 hours

6. Dr. Child’s Dental Suite

Dr. Child’s Dental Suite of Turlock stands out as an emergency pediatric dentist with a strong track record, offering immediate and comfortable care to children in their practice. Their team ensures they receive immediate medical assistance without compromising comfort levels.


Emergency assessments cost $60.00.

7. Kid’s Smile Saver Clinic

Kid’s Smile Saver Clinic prides itself on safety and promptness as one of its trademarks as an emergency pediatric dentist, equipped to tackle even the most pressing dental concerns.


Emergency treatments begin at $75.00;

8. Children’s Dental Palace

Children’s Dental Palace ensures every child is treated like royalty by offering fast emergency pediatric dentist services that help ensure dental problems do not escalate into something worse.


An emergency consultation costs $65.

9. Junior Dental Clinic

Junior Dental Clinic of Turlock provides outstanding emergency pediatric dentist services. With their expert team and caring service, they cater to children’s dental emergencies with professionalism.


Basic emergency treatments typically range between $50-$150 in cost.

10. Tooth Fairy Pediatric Clinic in Fairy Oaks

Tooth Fairy Pediatric Clinic stands as a beacon of trust, offering unparalleled emergency pediatric dental care services for children. Their dedicated team prioritizes child safety and comfort, offering fast emergency treatments.


Emergency procedures begin at $80.

Finding an emergency pediatric dentist near me in Turlock can be difficult, so this list provides an exhaustive overview of available services specializing in pediatric emergencies. When searching for emergency pediatric dentistry near me, always prioritize providers with extensive pediatric experience so your child receives optimal care.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my child experiences a dental emergency after regular clinic hours?

Many pediatric dental clinics provide after-hours emergency services. If an incident arises after hours, contact their emergency number immediately for guidance on immediate steps and whether you should visit. Keep your pediatric dentist’s contact details handy in such instances.

How can I prepare my child for an emergency dental visit and reduce anxiety?

Preparing your child for an emergency dental visit involves soothing their nerves and assuaging their anxieties. You can explain the significance of visiting the dentist, recall positive past experiences with previous dental visits, bring a comfort item like their favorite toy or blanket along, as well as using positive words during discussions about dentistry and visitation procedures. Furthermore, pediatric dental clinics are specially equipped to make children comfortable by offering child-friendly environments and offering staff trained to handle anxious young patients.

Are emergency dental treatments for children more costly than scheduled visits?

Emergency dental treatments may be more costly than standard visits due to immediate attention and resources being needed, though the price will depend on the nature and extent of the emergency and necessary treatment. Therefore, it’s essential that you contact the clinic for pricing details, and inquire whether your insurance covers emergency care for children.

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