Top 10 Medical Stores in Allentown

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Whether you’re looking for over-the-counter medication, prescription drugs, or a variety of health and wellness products, finding a trustworthy medical store is crucial. If you’re in the Allentown area, here are our top 10 picks for the best medical stores in Allentown.

Elm Street Pharmacy

Elm Street Pharmacy is a well-renowned medical store in Allentown known for its friendly staff, vast inventory, and competitive prices. Their commitment to customer service and community health sets them apart from the competition.

Their knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you in finding the products you need. Moreover, they provide a convenient prescription filling service, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


They offer a wide range of health and wellness products, from prescription drugs to health supplements. Additionally, they provide a home delivery service for prescriptions, further enhancing the convenience for their customers.

Ratings according to Google: 4.5/5

Best Review:Elm Street Pharmacy always provides excellent service. Their staff is knowledgeable and kind, and they carry a wide range of products. I highly recommend this store!” – Jane Doe

Allentown Medical Supply

Allentown Medical Supply is another great medical store in Allentown. They specialize in medical equipment and supplies, providing a comprehensive range of products for both individuals and healthcare facilities.

In addition to offering medical supplies, Allentown Medical Supply also provides valuable advice on product usage, ensuring that their customers can use their products effectively and safely.


They offer a broad range of medical equipment, from wheelchairs and mobility aids to home care products. They also offer a convenient rental service for certain types of equipment.

Ratings according to Google: 4.7/5

Best Review:Allentown Medical Supply is my go-to store for all my medical supply needs. Their staff is knowledgeable, and their product range is impressive.” – John Smith

HealthMart Pharmacy

HealthMart Pharmacy, another respected medical store in Allentown, prides itself on personalized care for every customer. They offer a broad spectrum of health products, and their pharmacists are always ready to answer your health-related queries.

Their emphasis on personal service, combined with a wide selection of wellness products, makes them a popular choice among the residents of Allentown.


From prescription filling services to offering an array of over-the-counter medicines, health supplements, and personal care products, HealthMart Pharmacy stands as a comprehensive medical store.

Ratings according to Google: 4.6/5

Best Review:HealthMart Pharmacy has a fantastic team who genuinely care about their customers. They’re always happy to help and provide excellent advice.” – Lily Turner

Allentown Wellness Pharmacy

Next up on our list is Allentown Wellness Pharmacy, a dedicated medical store in Allentown focused on promoting health and wellness within the community. They offer a personalized service, ensuring each customer’s health needs are adequately addressed.

Their staff is trained to offer you valuable health advice and to help you find the right product for your needs.


This store offers services like immunizations, medication management, health screenings, along with a broad selection of wellness products.

Ratings according to Google: 4.4/5

Best Review:Allentown Wellness Pharmacy is excellent. Their staff is well-trained and courteous. They have always taken the time to help me find what I need.” – George Harper

Lehigh Valley Pharmacy

Lehigh Valley Pharmacy, another premier medical store in Allentown, has been serving the community for many years. Known for its efficient services and friendly staff, this store is an important part of the healthcare system in Allentown.

Their pharmacists and healthcare professionals are always ready to provide expert advice and assistance.


Their services range from dispensing prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, to supplying health supplements and personal care items.

Ratings according to Google: 4.5/5

Best Review:Lehigh Valley Pharmacy has been my family’s trusted pharmacy for years. Their dedication to serving the community is truly commendable.” – Margaret Bennett

City Center Pharmacy

City Center Pharmacy is a prime example of an excellent medical store in Allentown. It’s a household name due to its stellar customer service, varied product offerings, and commitment to the local community’s health.

Their knowledgeable pharmacists are always ready to lend a helping hand and provide expert advice on their vast array of medical and wellness products.


City Center Pharmacy is a full-service pharmacy that offers medication services, health advice, and a broad range of health and wellness products, including vitamins and supplements.

Ratings according to Google: 4.6/5

Best Review:City Center Pharmacy is a gem in the heart of Allentown. Their staff is caring and professional, always ready to assist.” – Patricia King

Hamilton Street Drug Store

Hamilton Street Drug Store, a noteworthy medical store in Allentown, has earned its place on our list due to its excellent service and impressive selection of products. The store is renowned for its commitment to the health and wellbeing of its customers.

The knowledgeable staff at Hamilton Street Drug Store provides invaluable guidance in choosing the right products to suit your health needs.


Their services include dispensing prescription medication, over-the-counter remedies, and a wide range of wellness and personal care products.

Ratings according to Google: 4.5/5

Best Review:Hamilton Street Drug Store provides reliable service. Their product variety is impressive, and the staff is always ready to help.” – Robert Johnson

East Side Pharmacy

East Side Pharmacy is yet another remarkable medical store in Allentown, known for its top-notch customer service and extensive range of products. Their knowledgeable staff and community-oriented approach make them a local favorite.


East Side Pharmacy provides a multitude of services, from prescription refills to health consultations. They also offer an impressive selection of over-the-counter medicines, wellness supplements, and personal care products.

Ratings according to Google: 4.7/5

Best Review: “East Side Pharmacy is an excellent resource in our community. Their staff is always ready to assist and provide expert advice.” – Emily Davis

West End Medical Store

The West End Medical Store is a dependable medical store in Allentown. They’re known for their professional and friendly staff who are always willing to provide advice on their wide array of products.


West End Medical Store provides both prescription and non-prescription drugs, medical equipment, and an assortment of wellness products. Their commitment to serving the community makes them a go-to medical store in Allentown.

Ratings according to Google: 4.6/5

Best Review:I have always had a great experience at West End Medical Store. Their staff is extremely helpful and their product range is extensive.” – William Martinez

North Side Health Mart

Rounding out our list is North Side Health Mart, another trusted medical store in Allentown. They’ve earned their reputation through their unwavering commitment to the health of their customers and the community.


North Side Health Mart is not just a pharmacy. In addition to prescription services, they offer health consultations, a wide range of over-the-counter medicines, wellness supplements, and health equipment.

Ratings according to Google: 4.5/5

Best Review:North Side Health Mart has always been my trusted pharmacy. The staff is courteous, professional, and truly care about their customers.” – Susan Thompson

There you have it! Our top 10 medical stores in Allentown. Each of these stores offers something unique, from their product offerings to their customer service approach. So next time you need a reliable medical store, consider visiting one of these top-rated locations in Allentown.

Remember, your health is important, and these stores are here to support you on your wellness journey. Take care, Allentown!

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products do medical stores typically carry?

Medical stores typically stock a wide range of health and wellness products. This includes prescription medications, over-the-counter drugs, personal care items, health supplements, and often medical equipment like blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, and mobility aids.

Can I get health advice at a medical store?

Yes, most medical stores employ pharmacists and trained health professionals who can provide advice related to medications, health conditions, and wellness products. However, this advice should never replace that of a healthcare provider, and any health concerns should be discussed with a qualified medical professional.

Do medical stores deliver?

Many medical stores offer delivery services for convenience, especially for prescription medicines. It’s always worth asking about this service, as policies may vary between different stores.

Can I return medication if I no longer need it?

Return policies vary, but for safety and legal reasons, many medical stores do not allow the return of medication. It’s best to check the return policy of the specific store.

Do medical stores offer discounts or loyalty programs?

Many medical stores do offer discounts or loyalty programs to regular customers. You can inquire at your local store to find out what kind of programs or discounts they may offer.

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