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Best Burger in Pittsburgh


Pittsburgh, the city of bridges, is not just renowned for its picturesque views and vibrant sports culture. It’s also a food lover’s paradise. Among the myriad of culinary offerings, one dish reigns supreme: the humble yet extraordinary burger. If you find yourself asking, “Where can I find the best burger in Pittsburgh?”, you’ve come to the right place. This comprehensive guide will take you on a mouth-watering journey through the Steel City, exploring a selection of top-notch establishments that have taken the art of burger crafting to a whole new level. Get ready to delve into the succulent world of the best burgers in Pittsburgh!

1. Primanti Bros

Our culinary journey starts with the legendary Primanti Bros. While renowned for its sandwiches, this iconic Pittsburgh establishment also serves up a mean burger. With quality ingredients, fantastic flavor, and a warm, inviting atmosphere, it’s no wonder Primanti Bros consistently ranks as one of the spots to find the best burger in Pittsburgh.

Visiting Primanti Bros is like stepping into Pittsburgh’s culinary history. The restaurant, with its trademark fries and slaw-filled sandwiches, has been a staple in Pittsburgh since the 1930s. Their burgers, however, are a more recent addition to the menu, but they’ve quickly become a crowd favorite.

The Pitts-Burger

Their signature burger, the Pitts-Burger, showcases their knack for creating delicious, hearty meals. Layered between two slices of Italian bread, the Pitts-Burger includes a juicy, perfectly cooked beef patty, melted provolone cheese, fresh tomato slices, and is topped off with their iconic coleslaw and a generous portion of fries. It’s a mouthwatering blend of flavors that truly encapsulates the spirit of the city.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-263-2142
Address: 2 S Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.4 Stars

Best Review
“An absolute must-visit in Pittsburgh. The Pitts-Burger is a revelation! Can’t wait to go back.”

Our journey in search of the best burger in Pittsburgh doesn’t stop here. Let’s continue to our next stop.

2. Burgatory

Burgatory is a beloved Pittsburgh burger joint that deserves your attention. Known for its customizable burgers and ethereal milkshakes, Burgatory is an epicenter of Pittsburgh’s burger-loving community. Here, creativity and quality come together in a symphony of taste that’s hard to beat.

Custom Burgatory Creations

Burgatory’s unique appeal lies in its customization options. You can choose from a variety of proteins (including a beef, bison, or elk), an assortment of buns, and a multitude of toppings and sauces to create your dream burger. This is a place where the burger truly becomes a reflection of the individual, a personalized culinary masterpiece.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-586-5846
Address: 932 Freeport Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15238, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.6 Stars

Best Review
“Best burger in Pittsburgh, hands down. The options are endless and every creation is a flavor explosion. Don’t miss out!”

As we’re sampling the best burger in Pittsburgh, it’s time to visit an establishment that breaks the mold in the most delicious way possible.

3. Butterjoint

At Butterjoint, the focus is on quality ingredients sourced from local farmers and artisans. The result is a menu filled with delectable dishes, including, of course, one of the best burgers in Pittsburgh.

The Butterjoint Burger

The Butterjoint Burger is a thing of beauty. It features grass-fed beef from Jubilee Hilltop Ranch, topped with cheddar or Swiss cheese, house pickles, and Dijonnaise, served on a Mediterra Bakehouse brioche bun. This burger showcases the power of simplicity and the taste of quality, local ingredients.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-621-2700
Address: 214 N Craig St, Pittsburgh, PA 15213, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.7 Stars

Best Review
“Excellent atmosphere and service, but it’s the burger that shines. Juicy, flavorful, and perfectly cooked. Easily one of the best burgers in Pittsburgh.”

By now, you have surely developed a keen sense of what makes the best burger in Pittsburgh. As we continue to our final stop, remember, taste is a journey, and every burger tells a story.

4. Tessaro’s

Last but certainly not least, Tessaro’s is an essential stop on our search for the best burger in Pittsburgh. A Bloomfield neighborhood staple since 1981, Tessaro’s is a burger institution. Known for its hardwood grilled burgers, this joint has a reputation that extends far beyond the city limits.

The Tessaro’s Burger

Cooked on a hardwood grill, Tessaro’s Burger is an exquisite symphony of flavors. The flame imparts a smoky flavor that takes the juicy half-pound patty to new heights. Topped with your choice of cheese and classic fixings, this burger is an experience not to be missed.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-682-6809
Address: 4601 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.6 Stars

Best Review
“Arguably the best burger in Pittsburgh. The hardwood grill imparts a flavor that’s simply out of this world. Can’t recommend enough!”

Our culinary journey in search of the best burger in Pittsburgh has led us to some truly exceptional places. Each one, in its own unique way, has showcased the prowess and passion of Pittsburgh’s burger scene. Whether you prefer a classic take or something more adventurous, rest assured that the Steel City has something to offer. So go forth, fellow food enthusiasts, and experience firsthand the best burger in Pittsburgh.

5. Stack’d Burgers & Beer

Now, let’s venture to Stack’d Burgers & Beer. Renowned for its contemporary take on the classic burger, Stack’d is a haven for burger enthusiasts. With their vast variety of toppings and build-your-own-burger style, they certainly contribute to the competition for the best burger in Pittsburgh.

The Stack’d Experience

What truly stands out at Stack’d is the ability to craft your own burger experience. You start by choosing your patty – from options like Angus beef, turkey, chicken, or even a vegan patty. Then, it’s time to stack it high with an incredible array of toppings, ranging from various cheeses, veggies, and sauces, to more eccentric options like mac ‘n’ cheese, onion rings, or even pierogis. The possibilities seem endless, and no matter your palate, you’ll surely create a contender for the best burger in Pittsburgh.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-687-7888
Address: 728 Copeland St, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.5 Stars

Best Review
“I adore the freedom to create my own burger here. It’s a fun, delicious experience every time. Definitely a contender for the best burger in Pittsburgh.”

6. Fat Head’s Saloon

Next on our tour is Fat Head’s Saloon, a South Side classic with a reputation for monster sandwiches and award-winning brews. However, their burgers are just as impressive and worthy of mention in our quest to find the best burger in Pittsburgh.


While Fat Head’s is famous for its “Headwiches” (sandwiches roughly the size of your head), the burgers equally deserve recognition. The South Side Slopes burger, for instance, is a monstrous, hearty, and flavorful creation with piled high toppings that make it uniquely Pittsburgh.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-431-7433
Address: 1805 E Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA 15203, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.6 Stars

Best Review
“I’m a burger enthusiast and I have to say, Fat Head’s didn’t disappoint. The South Side Slopes burger was amazing. It’s the best burger in Pittsburgh in my book.”

7. Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar

Last but not least, we’re heading to Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar, a popular local chain that serves up a solid range of gourmet burgers. Winghart’s dedication to crafting a memorable burger experience makes it a must-visit in our quest for the best burger in Pittsburgh.

The Shipwrecked Burger

The Shipwrecked Burger at Winghart’s is a carnivorous feast. It features a juicy beef patty, Brie cheese, caramelized onions, arugula, and white truffle aioli, all held together by a locally sourced brioche bun. It’s a harmonious blend of flavors, making it a top contender for the best burger in Pittsburgh.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-434-5600
Address: 5 Market Square, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.3 Stars

Best Review
“What a burger! Every bite of the Shipwrecked Burger was bursting with flavor. Definitely makes my list of the best burgers in Pittsburgh.”

Our gastronomical journey reveals that the title of the best burger in Pittsburgh is truly up for grabs. From Primanti Bros to Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar, the city offers a myriad of unforgettable burger experiences. So, go ahead, venture out, and find your personal best burger in Pittsburgh.


Our next stop takes us to BRGR, a modern burger joint known for its casual yet upscale ambiance and inventive, gourmet burgers. With several locations around Pittsburgh, BRGR has firmly planted itself in the city’s culinary scene and is a strong contender for serving the best burger in Pittsburgh.

The Button Buster

One of the standout options is the Button Buster. This burger features a robust, succulent beef patty topped with braised short rib, white cheddar, caramelized onions, and horseradish sauce. Served on a brioche bun, the Button Buster offers a delightfully complex flavor profile that makes it a must-try.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-362-2333
Address: 5997 Penn Cir S, Pittsburgh, PA 15206, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.4 Stars

Best Review
“BRGR really delivers on quality and flavor. The Button Buster has to be one of the best burgers I’ve had in Pittsburgh. A definite must-try!”

9. Bill’s Bar & Burger

As we near the end of our gastronomical journey, we arrive at Bill’s Bar & Burger. This New York transplant has found a second home in Pittsburgh, dishing out some of the most consistently good burgers in town.

The Classic

Simple and delicious, The Classic at Bill’s Bar & Burger is a testament to the timeless allure of a well-made burger. It features a juicy, hand-pressed patty, American cheese, lettuce, tomato, and pickles. This might seem basic, but when done right, as it is here, it’s a clear contender for the best burger in Pittsburgh.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-567-2300
Address: 1001 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.2 Stars

Best Review
“Fantastic burgers! Tried The Classic and was not disappointed. Definitely ranks among the best burgers in Pittsburgh.”

10. Union Standard

Our final stop on this burger tour is Union Standard. This contemporary American restaurant, while known for its upscale dining and fresh, regional cuisine, also happens to craft an exceptional burger.

The Union Burger

The Union Burger is an elegant affair. Made from a blend of short rib, chuck, and brisket, the patty is then topped with cheddar, crispy onions, and house-made pickles. Every bite reveals layers of thoughtfully paired flavors and textures, cementing its place in the competition for the best burger in Pittsburgh.

Contact Info
Phone: +1 412-281-0738
Address: 524 William Penn Pl, Pittsburgh, PA 15219, United States

Ratings according to Google
4.5 Stars

Best Review
“Stunning place with a stunning burger to match. The Union Burger was rich, flavorful, and thoroughly satisfying. In my book, it’s the best burger in Pittsburgh.”

It’s clear that Pittsburgh is a city of burger lovers, with a diverse landscape of restaurants serving up their unique takes on this classic American dish. As our tour concludes, remember that the “best” burger is subjective and depends on personal taste. Whether it’s a gourmet affair at Union Standard or a build-your-own masterpiece at Stack’d, Pittsburgh is a city ready to cater to your every burger desire. Happy tasting as you discover the best burger in Pittsburgh for yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some vegetarian-friendly burger places in Pittsburgh?

A variety of restaurants in Pittsburgh cater to vegetarians and vegans. Stack’d Burgers & Beer, for example, offers a vegan patty that you can customize with an array of toppings.

Are there any burger joints in Pittsburgh that also serve craft beer?

Yes, several burger places in Pittsburgh also boast a great selection of craft beers. Fat Head’s Saloon and Stack’d Burgers & Beer both offer an impressive range of brews.

Do any Pittsburgh burger places offer takeout or delivery?

Yes, most burger restaurants in Pittsburgh offer takeout and delivery services. It’s best to check directly with the restaurant or use a food delivery app to see what’s available in your area.

Where can I find gourmet or unique burgers in Pittsburgh?

Several Pittsburgh eateries offer gourmet or unique takes on the traditional burger. BRGR, for example, serves the Button Buster, topped with braised short rib and horseradish sauce, while Winghart’s Burger & Whiskey Bar offers the Shipwrecked Burger, featuring Brie and white truffle aioli.

I have food allergies. Can I still enjoy a burger in Pittsburgh?

Absolutely. Many Pittsburgh burger joints can accommodate various dietary needs and restrictions. However, it’s always a good idea to communicate your allergies to the staff beforehand to ensure your food is prepared safely.

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