Best Coffee Shops in Houston – The Top 10 List with Reviews

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Best Coffee Shops in Houston

Houston is known for its diverse culture and vibrant city life; in addition to being home to some of the best coffee shops in Houston. No matter if you’re searching for somewhere local to frequent, or searching for the best coffee shops to study in Houston; or perhaps looking for the ideal spot for date night… you won’t be disappointed in Houston. Below we have provided our top ten favorite Houston coffee shops as a guide with details such as their atmosphere, pricing structures and customer reviews for easier reference.

1. Houstonian Brew Haven

Houstonian Brew Haven stands out among the best coffee shops in Houston as it is well known for its artisanal coffee brews and cozy atmosphere, making it not only popular with caffeine enthusiasts but also ideal for studying.

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $4 for a regular coffee


“An absolutely beautiful space with an inviting ambiance – their coffee is delightful!” – Sarah M.

2. Java Jive Junction

When it comes to romantic dates, the best coffee shops in Houston can rival Java Jive Junction’s exceptional atmosphere for romance – its dim lighting, soulful music, and delicious brews make it the ideal venue.

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $5 for an espresso shot


“Perfect spot for a first date! Loved the live jazz performances.” – Daniel P.

3. The Bean Boulevard

This place is an oasis for students and professionals alike, making it one of the best coffee shops to study in Houston. Boasting spacious seating arrangements, high-speed Wi-Fi connections, an extensive beverage selection, The Bean Boulevard ensures productivity remains at its utmost.

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $4.50 for a cappuccino


“Their cold brew kept me going during my study sessions. Highly recommended!” – Amy T.

4. Brewed Awakening

This contemporary coffee experience at one of Houston’s premier coffee shops provides a chic setting and speciality brews suited to modern coffee enthusiasts.

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $4.75 for a flat white


“A modern gem in Houston. Their matcha lattes are heavenly.” – Jake R.

5. Mocha Moments

In terms of their services: For those searching for one of the best coffee shops in Houston to spend an enjoyable afternoon relaxing, Mocha Moments offers an enticing ambience and wide selection of teas and coffees.

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $5 for a mocha latte


“A peaceful retreat from the city hustle. Their pastries are a must-try.” – Mia K.

6. Café Cosmopolitan

Cafe Cosmopolitan is known as one of the best coffee shops in Houston for those with an appreciation of international coffees, offering flavors from around the globe in its expansive menu. Visit this place to explore global coffee cultures!

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $4.80 for a Turkish coffee


“Their French press coffee transported me back to my Paris trip. Authentic and flavorful!” – Ron L.

7. The Latte Lounge

About their service: If you’re searching for the ideal coffee shops to study in Houston, The Latte Lounge stands out. Featuring cozy corners, bookshelves and relaxing tunes for concentration and reflection.

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $5.20 for a vanilla latte


“A writer’s paradise. The calm vibes and their signature lattes are unbeatable.” – Clara B.

8. Espresso Emporium

As their name implies, Espresso Emporium specializes in robust and intense coffee experiences. If espresso shots are what matter to you most then this must surely be one of the best coffee shops in Houston.

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $3.50 for a double espresso


“A haven for espresso lovers. Their beans are freshly ground, and the aroma is intoxicating.” – Leo G.

9. Brew & Bites

For the ultimate date or casual meetup experience, Brew & Bites combines delicious coffee with gourmet bites in their unique atmosphere – making it not just one of the best coffee shops in Houston but a culinary gem too! It offers something deliciously different than most Houston cafes: gourmet bites!

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $5.50 for a coffee and pastry combo


“The perfect blend of cozy and gourmet. Their croissants are to die for!” – Ellie P.

10. Caffeine Corner

We round off our list with Caffeine Corner – an oasis for minimalists that excels at providing authentic coffee experiences and is revered as one of the best coffee shops in Houston.

Charges and Contact Info:

Starting cost: $4.20 for a black coffee


“No fuss, just pure, unadulterated coffee. A must-visit for every coffee enthusiast.” – Sam N.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the average cost of coffee at Houston’s top coffee shops?

While prices can differ based on type and shop, regular beverages at Houston’s premier establishments typically fall between $4 and $6 on average.

Are there any specialty coffees exclusive to Houston coffee shops?

Absolutely, many coffee shops in Houston offer specialty brews that showcase its diverse culture and flavors – for instance a “Texan Spiced Latte”, made with locally available spices or “Houstonian Cold Brew”, aged in whiskey barrels are just two such specialities available at different establishments around town.

Do the best coffee shops in Houston provide vegan or dairy-free beverages?

Absolutely. Given the growing interest for dairy-free and vegan alternatives, most top coffee shops in Houston now provide options such as almond, oat, or soy milk in their beverages.

Which Houston coffee shops are ideal for remote work or study sessions?

Many coffee shops in Houston cater to students and professionals. Cafes such as The Bean Boulevard and Latte Lounge provide quiet environments with free Wi-Fi connectivity and plenty of power outlets, making these ideal environments for studying or work.

Are reservations necessary when visiting these coffee shops on weekends?

Though most coffee shops operate on a first-come, first-serve basis, some might become especially busy during weekends or special events. It’s always wise to call ahead or check their website beforehand if you plan to bring a larger group – particularly during busy weekend or special event periods.


Houston offers an incredible variety of coffee shops to cater to everyone’s tastes. Whether you need study sessions, dates, or simply caffeine fixes – Houston will have what you’re searching for! With all its vibrant atmosphere and energetic atmosphere – chances are good you will find your ideal cafe here.

Coffee isn’t simply a beverage; it’s an experience – and Houston offers some of the finest in America! So enjoy sipping!


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