Chicago Getaway Hostel: A Comprehensive Review & Guide

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Chicago Getaway Hostel

Introduction to Chicago Getaway Hostel

Chicago Getaway Hostel stands as a beacon to travelers from near and far, providing comfort, culture, and community in Lincoln Park. Not just any ordinary hostel; this establishment fuses history, modern amenities, and camaraderie for an unparalleled travel experience in Chicago. In this review we’ll delve deeper into why so many travelers choose it as one of their first stops when exploring this vibrant city.

Facade of Chicago Getaway Hostel

At the core of any hostel experience is its rooms. At Chicago Getaway Hostel, this principle is fully understood, offering various room options to meet its guests’ varying needs – be they solo travelers seeking privacy or groups looking for budget adventures! They all can find something ideal here.

Private Rooms

Chicago Getaway Hostel Private Room

Chicago Getaway Hostel provides private rooms as a peaceful retreat after an exciting day exploring the city, tastefully decorated to blend modern aesthetics and comfort, complete with plush beds, air conditioning, storage facilities and all other necessities for an enjoyable and restful stay. Whether it be silence or just having space all to themselves; these private rooms provide guests with everything they need for a restful stay – creating the ideal accommodation experience.

Dorm Rooms at Chicago Getaway Hostel

Chicago Getaway Hostel Dorms

Dorms are ideal for backpackers, solo travelers, or groups hoping to make new friends along their journey. Offering communal living experiences many travelers seek; available in various sizes from smaller, more intimate rooms up to larger ones with multiple guests occupying, these dorms offer something suitable for every taste – each bunk features personal lighting, electrical outlets and lockable storage to protect belongings while creating an atmosphere conducive to sharing tales about adventures experienced while exploring Chicago! The dorms foster a sense of community spirit by enabling guests to share stories, adventures and tips while exploring Chicago together!


Amenities play an essential part in creating an enjoyable lodging facility experience, and at Chicago Getaway Hostel that means more than providing beds for the night – it means attending to every aspect of traveler stays.

  • Free WiFi: Staying connected in today’s digital era is paramount and the Chicago Getaway Hostel guarantees its guests high-speed internet throughout its facilities – whether that means updating a travel blog, communicating with family or planning your day’s itinerary, it has you covered! The reliable Wi-Fi has you covered.
  • Fully Equipped Kitchen: If homesickness strikes or budget constraints prevent you from cooking your favorite meals, the communal kitchen at our hostel is here to help! Equipped with modern appliances, cookware, and utensils stocked with local Chicago cuisine recipes; guests can whip up all their favorites in just minutes and make memories to last a lifetime!
  • Lounge Areas: Travel can be exhausting; our hostel’s multiple lounge areas are the ideal places to rest your feet, read a book, or interact with fellow travelers. With contemporary design combined with comfortable seating, these lounge areas create a cozy ambiance where stories and experiences are exchanged among fellow travellers.
  • Bike Rentals: What better way to explore Chicago than on two wheels? Our hostel provides bike rentals so that guests can experience it like a local, visiting both hidden gems and well-known spots alike!
  • 24/7 Reception: For late check-ins or when assistance is required in the wee hours, the hostel offers 24/7 reception to ensure there’s always someone there to assist. Not only are our friendly staff experts in how the hostel operates; they’re also knowledgeable about Chicago itself – offering insights and recommendations that will enhance your visit!
  • Laundry Facilities: When traveling for extended periods, having access to laundry facilities can be invaluable. Equipped with washers, dryers and ironing services, guests can ensure they always look and feel their best during their journey.

The Chicago Getaway Hostel prides itself on offering an all-encompassing experience, not simply offering beds and breakfast services. Not just any old bed; each detail makes for a memorable stay at this home away from home!


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How Can I Reach Chicago Getaway Hostel?

The Chicago Getaway Hostel is conveniently situated to allow easy accessibility by multiple modes of transport, from plane and train travel to automobile use. Reaching this iconic hostel from various points of entry is straightforward and hassle-free – here is our comprehensive guide on how to reach it from various starting points:

By Air:

  • O’Hare International Airport (ORD): O’Hare, located 16 miles away, is one of Chicago’s major airports and can be accessed either by taxi, rideshare or the L’ train’s Blue Line – transfer at Jackson to Howard Red Line towards Fullerton then disembark – for approximately 40 minute ride depending on traffic conditions to arrive at your hostel in Fullerton a short walk away!
  • Midway International Airport (MDW): Situated approximately 13 miles away, you have several options when getting from Midway to your hostel: taxis or rideshare services are readily available, or alternatively take public transit like taking the Orange Line L train towards Loop; transfer at Roosevelt to Red Line towards Howard; get off at Fullerton Station and enjoy your journey home!
  • Train: Wether taking Amtrak or regional rail services, Union Station should be your starting point. From here, the hostel can be reached easily via taxi or rideshare; alternatively public transit options such as Brown Purple Red L trains are close by with stops nearby the hostel.
  • By Bus: Greyhound and Megabus stations in Chicago’s downtown can be easily accessed. Once there, taxis, rideshare services or the city’s efficient “L” train system can take you directly to your hostel.
  • By Car: For those driving, Chicago Getaway Hostel can be found off I-90/94. Simply input its address into a GPS system or mapping service and follow its directions; be aware there may be limited street parking nearby so be sure to inquire beforehand as there may be parking availability issues.
  • On Foot or by Bike: Conveniently situated at Lincoln Park’s center, our hostel can be easily reached on foot or bike from any nearby neighborhood. Just head towards W Arlington Pl and N Orchard St where you’ll see our welcoming facade of Chicago Getaway Hostel!

Working With Chicago Getaway Hostel

Travel isn’t always about relaxation – for some it’s about seeking new experiences, understanding different cultures or discovering work opportunities. At Chicago Getaway Hostel we understand this need and seek individuals passionate about hospitality who can contribute towards creating memorable guest experiences.

Join Our Team:

  • Front Desk: At the hostel’s front desk team is an integral component in shaping guest experiences from their first point of contact to check-in/check-out procedures, managing bookings to addressing inquiries to ensuring smooth transactions – this position requires those with exceptional customer service skills who excel in fast-paced environments.
  • Housekeeping: Ensuring guests enjoy a clean and comfortable space is of utmost importance, which is why the housekeeping team takes immense pride in upholding the hostel’s impeccable condition – taking special care to make sure that every corner of it sparkles like new!
  • Events Coordinator: Our hostel offers an exciting lineup of events – ranging from music nights and local tours, to musical evenings – so having an events coordinator on staff ensures our guests remain entertained during their stay.
  • Internships and Training Programs: Chicago Getaway Hostel provides internship and training programs for individuals interested in entering the hospitality world without prior experience, offering hands-on experience under guidance of veteran hospitality professionals while learning all of the complexities that make running an effective hostel possible.
  • Collaborations and Partnerships: The Hostel frequently collaborates with local businesses, artists, and tour operators. By showcasing local artwork or providing city tours or introducing guests to Chicago’s culinary delights there’s always room for synergies that enhance guest experiences.
  • Volunteer Programs: Longer stays without breaking the bank can be made possible with hostel’s volunteer programs that enable travelers to exchange hours of work for accommodation – creating a win-win solution that gives travelers deeper ties to hostel community while giving hosts some much-needed extra hands!

Working at the Chicago Getaway Hostel is more than a job; it’s an opportunity to experience being part of an inclusive community and become adept in hospitality industry practices while contributing to travelers’ cherished memories from all around the globe.

Reaching the Chicago Getaway Hostel

Whether it’s to plan a stay, look for employment or collaborate, here are all of their contact methods:

Address: 616 W Arlington Pl Chicago, IL 60614
Phone: 773-929-5380
Email Address: [email protected]

Follow On Social Media:

Twitter –

At Chicago Getaway Hostel, our staff are always eager to hear from travelers, partners and enthusiasts. If you have feedback, inquiries or simply wish to say hi – don’t hesitate to get in touch! We look forward to hearing from you!


Chicago continues to draw in travelers each year, drawn by its rich history, vibrant cultural scene and iconic landmarks. At the core of all of this activity lies an oasis for explorers of all levels – the Chicago Getaway Hostel.

At Chicago Getaway Hostel, staying isn’t simply about occupying a bed; it’s also about becoming part of an ongoing narrative that celebrates journeys, connections and discoveries of its guests. When visiting Chicago make sure Lincoln Park is part of your itinerary so that you can join this ever-expanding community of satisfied guests!

Thank you for joining us on this in-depth review! May your journeys bring lasting adventures!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

As we explore the Chicago Getaway Hostel, many questions frequently arise about it.

What type of rooms does Chicago Getaway Hostel provide?

They provides various room types, from private rooms for those wanting extra privacy to dormitory-style dorms for solo travelers and groups seeking a social experience.

Are Wi-Fi services available at the hostel?

Yes, provides complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi throughout its premises to ensure guests can remain connected at all times.

How near is this hostel to downtown Chicago?

Hostel is conveniently situated in Lincoln Park and makes for an easy journey into Chicago’s core and its popular attractions.

Are there any age restrictions for guests attending this event?

Though most rooms or sections at a hostel welcome guests of all ages, certain room types or sections may have age restrictions or specific information should be obtained directly from them. It’s advisable to speak directly with them regarding any such concerns.

Are parking facilities available at the hostel?

As the hostel is situated in an active urban environment with limited street parking options, guests should inquire about available parking solutions prior to visiting, either with the hostel itself or through nearby parking facilities.

Does the hostel offer events or tours?

Absolutely! We prides itself on hosting an array of exciting events, from music nights to guided tours of Chicago’s landmarks. Information and schedules can typically be found at its reception or website.

Does my hostel allow me to store my luggage before and/or after check-in/check-out?

Yes, the hostel provides luggage storage services to accommodate guests arriving early or exploring the city post-check-out without their belongings weighing them down.

Are pets welcome at the hostel?

Policies regarding pets vary; it’s wise to reach out directly to the hostel if traveling with a furry companion and seek an understanding of its pet policy.

Does the hostel offer wheelchair access?

The Chicago Getaway Hostel strives to meet the needs of all its guests. If you need specifics regarding accessibility features, please reach out.

What is your Cancellation Policy?

Cancellation policies may differ depending on the time, season, room type and rate chosen. For more clarity guests should refer to their booking details or contact the hostel directly for clarification.



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